Greetings from a chilly Scotland,

I have a strange behaviour with change bars which is quite undesirable, where change bars become excessively long. I found this with a structured XML document, but the same occurs with unstructured documents, and the behaviour occurs in FM 10, 11 and 12.

The scenario is a simple unstructured document containing the following:
    x a 1
    y b 2
    z c 3
and a table is added to the end of each of the lines. Select the letter a, and then select menu item: Format > Style > Change Bar. The line is correctly marked with the change bar. But when same action is performed for the letter b, the change bar is extended between the 'x a 1' line including the table. Repeat the same for the letter c, and now the whole document has a change bar!

This is NOT useful, as the table content hasn't been changed - it's just the lines where the table anchor are located that have changed. I would have expected just the line to be marked with the change bar - as the MIF of the document clearly has the table anchor outwith the 'change bar' tagged text.

I can add a line-feed character, or add an extra paragraph before the table anchor to circumvent the long change bar effect, but my client does not like this.

Could this be considered a bug?


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