*Camp is better when you bring a friend! Tell your network that you're coming!*

TC Camp, the unconference for content creators, consumers, and the people who support them, is happening at Mission College in Santa Clara on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is happening right in your own backyard, *why wouldn't you attend?*

And, *raffle prizes?* Yes! Read to the bottom to learn about all the great stuff that you could win!

I don't know if you've been to an unconference before, but they are very different from regular conferences. They are not juried. Sessions aren't presenter-decided topics. It's much more fluid and much more audience decided. All session topics are decided by the attendees on the day of the event. Everyone nominates topics; we vote on them together; and then, those sessions with enough votes get scheduled into the agenda. You can guarantee there is always a session happening that you're interested in.

Unconferences are all "hallway" - like the hallway conversations you have between session at regular conferences. At an Unconference, you get the chance to work with other people to really wrap your arms around a topic and figure it out as it applies directly to you.

The main unconference (afternoon) is *FREE*, and we will kick things off with a "Campers' Feud" game show (you'll have to come to learn what that is!).

If you're interested, there are morning workshops that cost a modest $35 (20% off with the *GOTOCAMP* code). There are four morning workshops to choose from that will help get the creative juices flowing:

*Creating a Documentation Portal* - Learn how Salesforce created portals for delivering documentation to end users. Along the way, discuss design practices, customer interactions, and learn how to use the open source version of our portal to deliver your content on the web.

*Jump Start Your Mobile Project* - Get your mobile project off to a good start by developing quick, low-fidelity mockups of mobile content. This helps you demonstrate how you’ll meet mobile user requirements and lets you incorporate feedback early in the project.

*API documentation in changing environments with expanding/new technologies* - Learn the basics of REST API documentation, see sample REST API doc sites, and learn how to create interactive documentation. Additionally, learn how to document Java APIs using Javadoc and Doxygen.

*Adobe - Beyond Paper: Publishing enriched content to online formats via Adobe Tech Comm Suite 5**.* Discover how FrameMaker empowers you to maintain one set of source files and publish content with interactive 3D diagrams to "intelligent" PDF. Find out how you can master Adobe Captivate in just a few hours to create compelling video. Adobe's workshop is FREE!

It's an amazing experience - energetic, dynamic, and all about the attendees learning from each other.

I mentioned raffle prizes? Adobe is giving away a *TCS5 license*, JustSystems has *2 iPad Airs*, and Single Sourcing Solutions has a *Drone* for some lucky attendee! Other sponsors have provided *great books and gift certificates*, plus the popular *S'Mores Maker*! All of these will be raffled off to attendees who have opted to share their info with the sponsors (remember, TC Camp is all about sharing!). If you declined the sharing option when you registered, you'll have the option to change your mind when you check in.

For more information about this year's event, the detail page is here:


Parking is FREE and the doors open at 8am!

*I hope that we'll see you there!*


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