My thanks to Art Campbell for reminding me of the option to “Mifwash” the 
offending file, which resolved the problem.

¡Thanks, Art!

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From: Art Campbell [mailto:art.campb...@gmail.com]
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To: Stamm, David-P45904
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Subject: Re: Cannot import graphics

What type of graphics?
Have you checked your ownership / permissions of the graphics files?

Try saving the file to .mif to clean it up in case stray characters have 
corrupted it. Then open the .MIF and see what happens.

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On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 11:14 AM, Stamm, David 
<david.st...@gd-ms.com<mailto:david.st...@gd-ms.com>> wrote:

Windows 7 Enterprise operating system
Serviced pack 1
8.0 GB RAM
Local administrator privileges
Shortcut to FrameMaker encoded to run as administrator

I cannot import graphics - by either reference or by copying - either into a 
table or not into a table - from either C:\ or from a network drive.  The 
anchor for the imported file appears, but the graphic does not.  I discovered 
this in a production file.  The file is locked up so hard that I have to use 
Task Manager to force out.  I have replicated this numerous times in both the 
production file and in new files freshly made from templates.

I _can_ import files as text insets without problem, but _once_, I deleted the 
text inset, and the file locked up as it has with graphics.

Conversely, if I use Windows Explorer to copy the graphic file or the text 
inset file and then paste it into the FrameMaker file, both the anchor and the 
graphic or the icon for the .fm file appear.

A fellow employee running version had no problem importing a graphic 
from a network drive via VPN.

I've already reported this to the corporate service desk, but I've noticed no 
mentions on this list of such problems.

¿Any thoughts?

Dave Stamm


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