When you do a server-based shared review, each reviewer's comments are actually 
stored separate from the review PDF, in separate XML files that are somehow 
linked to the PDF document.  That’s why you can have multiple reviewers 
reviewing and marking up the document at the same time.

If you use the option to save an "archive" copy of the file, the comments 
existing at the moment are all "flattened" into the PDF file that is saved, as 
regular PDF-based comments and markup.

Not sure how that's handled with email-distributed review copies going to 
reviewers who don't have access to the server where all the XML files are 

-- garyZ

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Hi Fred,

I was also thinking of the fact that Acrobat will use a PDF file with some 
modifications, like the comment function readied for Adobe Reader, not the 
original file.
(This is a useful service and you would have to keep this in mind if your doing 
it without Acrobat.)

But you are right, of course it is possible to share the file and start a 
review-cycle the old-fashioned way, only -- probably -- this will not be so 
To me, the server-based workflow seems to be better suited for a quick and 
efficient review than the email-based workflow.

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin

Fred Ridder:
I don't think that's entirely true, Tino.
You can still do a email-based PDF review with an unsupported mail system, but 
it's not automatic and it probably won't be integrated back to the FrameMaker 
source (I don't know about this last because I've never tried it).
The process involves exporting the comments from the PDF that each reviewer 
sends and then importing those comments into the master review PDF. Look in the 
Options menu for the Comments List section of the Comments tool palette (or 
whatevertheheck Adobe calls it...) for the "Export All as Data File" and 
"Import Data File" commands.
Not ideal, but it works, particularly if you keep the master file up to date 
and in a shared location, and all the reviewers are good about grabbing the 
latest copy of the master file before starting to add their own comments.

-Fred Ridder
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Subject: Re: Acrobat X: Manually sending a Shared Review

Hi Lin,
if Acrobat does not recognize the email client (like when a web-based email is 
used), you cannot send the file specially prepared for the review, which means 
that you cannot use the email review process at all (as far as I understand it).
You would not be able to store your PDF file in the specific format that is 
necessary for the workflow; e.g. to collect all comments in one final version 
at the end of one review cycle, Acrobat has to recognize the files as 
"original" or "commented" versions of one review process. (...I guess.)
There are two other options for a workflow which is not email-based but 
1) A server-path is available for all reviewers (could be WebDAV)
2) acrobat.com could be used as a "server" (Adobe ID required for setup)
In both cases the reviewers would either work with the server copy, or work 
with local copies, where each comment is automatically transfered to the server 
copy. This way, all comments are visible immediately for all reviewers and can 
also be answered, which can be very useful (connection to server-path/internet 
must be available to "publish" the comments). This way, the comments do not 
have to be re-imported into the original version from all the different 
commented files.
Best regards - Tino H. Haida. Berlin

Lin Sims:
Acrobat X doesn't support using a web-based email for sending Shared Review 
invitations. It does let you manually send invitations, but I've not been able 
to find actual instructions for how to do that. The situation is complicated by 
the fact that I am using WebDAV and a cloud storage service for collecting the 
review comments.
I'm assuming that what you do is attach the review file to an email and send it 
on with whatever information is required, but you know what they say about 
assumptions. I'm also wondering what, if anything, will happen if a reviewer 
tried to open the folder Acrobat creates for storing comments on the cloud 

Lin Sims

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