There are tools that can do this. I offer one called AutoFM that can be used to script the creation of a PDF (among other things).

The problem is that the FM license doesn't allow unattended scripting of FM unless you buy the "Server" version of FM (that's the big ticket item). I can't provide you with legal advice, so you should have your legal guys take a look at the FM EULA, but it's my understanding that if a human kicks off a script buy clicking a batch file or the like .. that's OK, but if a script is run by some other automated process, and especially if it's running an instance of FM that's installed on the "build machine" .. that's not in line with the user license.

Note that Adobe has recently started offering a subscription price for FM Server at $500/mo instead of the $15K price to buy it outright. This $500/mo may be something that's more palatable by management.

Feel free to contact me off list if you'd like more info about automation options.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

On 1/27/15 11:58 AM, Mark Soiseth wrote:
Hi all,

We're creating documentation in PDF format from FrameMaker (for a few lucky projects). At the moment, I manually create a PDF and place it in a specific folder where it is picked up by the build machine. The manager, however, finds this to be "old-fashioned" and wants the build machine to create the PDF directly from the FrameMaker files.

I believe that there's a very expensive tool available from Adobe that will do this but I'm hoping that a third-party vendor has created a tool that will do this at a more moderate price.

Has anyone heard of anything that could do this and be incorporated into a script?



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