·        FrameMaker
11.0 on Windows 7 platforms with Archive script downloaded and installed.
·        FrameMaker
source files located, completed and archived on network drive.
·        FrameMaker
book opened and member files highlighted but not opened (according to the
instructions that accompanied the archive script).
·        Then
File --> Utilities --> Archive
·        A
spot-check of various x-refs in the FrameMaker files in the archive folder for
the book show some but not all broken x-refs.
·        The
x-refs in the original FrameMaker book files remain OK and intact.
·        There
doesn't seem to be any pattern, except that the broken x-refs occur ONLY in the
archived FrameMaker files.
One of our other department writers just performed an archive test where the 
book and member files were
located on and also archived onto her hard drive and the problem persists.

Is there only one archive plug-in/script out there (that is, the one we use), 
or is there another  one -- even for a fee?

-- Ken in Atlanta

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