Hello Frameusers,

One of the flaws of the Archive script is that for any inter-file link, the 
script creates a copy of the target file in the Insets folder. And now, while 
in Framemaker, this will be transparent. When you test your links, none appear 
to be broken. However, when you generate your PDF, these links will not work.
The way to remedy this is as follows:
1. Run the Archive script.
2. Open the newly created "Insets" folder. If you had any inter-file links in 
your book, then you will see several FM files in this folder.
3. Move (don't copy!) all the FM files to another location.
4. Open the archived book.
5. Open all the files in the book
6. Click the Update Book button from FM tool bar.
(the Book Error Log opens)
7. Note all the broken links listed in the Book error log.
8. Click the link to the first file with broken links.
9. Click Edit > Update References... from FM menu bar.
10. Make sure that the All Cross-References option is checked.
11. Click Update.
(the Update Unresolved Cross-References window opens)
12. Note the upper part of the window:
   a. 1 line of text (for example, "Total of 9 Unresolved Cross-References to 
Files Named:").
   b. A list of files, starting with "Current".
   c. 1 line of text (for example, "0 Unresolved Cross-References to File:").
   d. 1 line of text (this line shows the path and name of the target file.
13. Scroll through the files in the list described in step b, above.
14. Note that the number indicated in the line of text below the files list 
changes to show the number of cross-references to this file.
15. If the number is other than zero, then do the following:
   a. Locate the target file listed in the lower area of the window. By 
default, this area lists the content of the folder where the book file is saved.
       Do not browse to any other location.
   b. Double-click on the target file. The window may flash briefly as FM 
re-sets the cross-references to the correct file.
16. Repeat steps 13-15 for the remaining files in the list.
17. Repeat steps 8-16 for all the remaining files in the Book error log.
18. Close the Update Unresolved Cross-References window.
19. Save the book and book files.
20. Compile a PDF and test the links.

I hope this helps. Your feedback is most welcome.
Regards, Amitai Sela

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