Hello Tim,
I do the same; just copy the contents of the whole folder, keeping the same 
file names for all the chapters, .book, TOC,IX, generated files etc. I am now 
on 7.23 (FM 7.2, 23rd version). Started with 4.1 in 1994 :)
Ragnar Hanas, MD
Uddevalla Hospital

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Hi Tim,

I prefer to do my versioning at the folder level. That way, I never have to 
rename .book or .fm files. When I am ready for 1.1, I create a folder and copy 
all of the 1.0 files to it. You can rename book components and FrameMaker will 
resolve cross-references, etc. but I prefer filenames that I can leave 


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.

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I'm a long-time lurker sometime poster. Not particularly active on the list 
because my use of Frame is pretty limited. (I am a technical trainer and I do 
not follow strict version control practices, so some of this will probably make 
some folks on this list bristle.) But I would love some input on this 
particular issue. I'm using Frame 9 on Windows 7 but I doubt that is relevant 

I have a book file that contains several chapters, a TOC, and a title page. 
Very simple. The book is version 1.0. The book file and all other files contain 
"v1-0" in the filename. All files have "Version 1.0" in the footer, and the 
date of release.

Now I want to make changes, so it will become version 1.1. What do best 
practices say to do? I assume save all content, TOC, and title files as new 
"v1-1" files. Should I create a new "v1-1" book file into which the v1-1 
content goes? Or should the book file itself be version agnostic?

Depending on answers to these questions I may have other questions so feel free 
to be exhaustive. Or, if you can provide a link to such information all the 

Thank you,

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