While we're talking underlying theory/structure: I suspect many tables in which one wants to conditionalize a column could be refactored so that the columns were instead rows, which are conditionable.
Yes, theoretically, if you didn't have spanned cells, you could hide/show the cells that make up a column, but since there is no "column" object, there's no place to assign that data. You can conditionalize rows, but cells are a bit of a different beast.

It would be possible to make a plugin or script that would assign a condition to the content of all cells in a column, but you'd have to actually delete the cells that make up that column to "hide" it.

The closest thing to a column object that you could assign a property to for this purpose would be the "colspec" element in DITA. But in looking, that doesn't allow the outputclass attribute (or other likely attributes) where you'd assign a value that you could check for during some publishing process to hide/delete that column.

If I were to want to do this, I'd probably set a marker in the column header to indicate a hide/show property, then set up some sort of process during publishing.

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