Since it's come up, I've had one niggling issue with Adobe SHare Review at our site that I just work around, but it's bugging me. I'll try to be brief, assuming anyone who can answe knows the basics.
* Using a network share, same share every time.
* Each development draft is saved with a suffix: "Initial Draft", "Review Draft", "Verify Draft".
* Shared review isn't send by email but rather manually: I email a hyperlink to the single, saved draft.
* When ended, I archive to a sub-folder of the reviews folder, for legacy (and permissions control, so no one 'rewrites history').
SO.. EVERY time I make a review, it wants to name it. My question: WHAT is saved in a named review type? My process never changes, but my file names always change; and so I'm concerned about using the same saved review type in the event it renames the PDF.
It has seemed to me that the saved review type function 'assumes' you are always cycling the same file/filename...?

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