It sounds like you might be trying to include all of the content in the manual in one Framemaker file. If that is the case, then I recommend you break the content out into separate files; one for the cover, one for the change page and TOC (although I would put each of these in separate files because I'd want each to start on a righthand page), one for each chapter, and one for the appendices. Then add the files to a Framemaker book file. From there, follow Shmuel 's and Pamela's advice.


At 11:00 AM 2/10/2015, you wrote:

I’m working on a 180 page doc that I am setting up for a first page and left/right pages for every chapter in the book (although the first three don’t need that, I think). The first three sections of the doc are the cover (two pages—front and copyright), change page, and TOC. The fourth section, or chapter, is the installation chapter followed by separate appendices. How do I set up the book so that odd-numbered pages print out on the right side?

I’d also would like to force each section to begin on the right side—how do I do that? Is putting in a blank page the only way to do that?


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