David Artman wrote:

5) Generate output and peruse. DO NOT save FM files yet! If it boked a couple 
of times, fix thm; if it borked a ton; rollback to your backup.fm files (you DO 
automatically save backup.fm files every save, riiiight? ;) )
 No, in fact I *don't* let FrameMaker generate .backup.fm files because they 
aren't really backups. They are just renamed versions of the *previous* saved 
version of the file.  

Say you open a document FileA.fm. You make a whole slew of changes, and then do 
a Save. You figure that the newly saved FileA.fm is identical to 
FileA.backup.fm because you had FrameMaker make a "backup" upon saving, right. 
Wrong. FileA.backup.fm is the *original* file that you opened, *before* you 
made any changes to it. The "backup" is always one set of changes behind the 
content that a real backup would have in it. (And since Frame won't even let 
you do a Save unless you've changed *something*, the current saved version and 
the "backup" can *never* be identical.) So rolling back to the automatic 
"backup" will actually lose you the last set of changes that were in your last 

-Fred Ridder

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