Just for completeness, is the RGB vs CMYK problem only an issue using the PDF 
creator that comes bundled with FM, or is it also an issue with the separate 
Acrobat installation?


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Jeff is right-on, as far as I'm concerned. Definitely install Acrobat before 
installing FM (making sure to not install the FM PDF creation thingy on top of 
your existing Acrobat installation).

My own question is if my company should bump up to FM 12 from FM 11 if our 
deliverables are only pdf files. That's it -- my company is just not concerned 
with html, etc.

Plus, at $1,000 a pop, Adobe isn't too concerned with pricing itself out of 
reach of more potential customers. What are the differences between the two 
versions that we should make the move?

-- Ken in Atlanta

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On Feb 20, 2015, at 9:08 AM, Jeff Coatsworth 
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When FM is installed standalone, a “headless” PDF Creator version is installed 
to be able to generate PDFs out of FM. This can sometimes clobber existing 
installs of Acrobat. Adding it after the fact should replace the “headless” 
version, but if it fails, then uninstalling everything, installing Acrobat 
first and then installing FM next (mindful of the setting to stop the PDF 
Creator from installing) should get you up and running.

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Good morning all,

I am hoping to add Adobe Acrobat to my FM 12 installation soon.

I was just wondering about best practice regarding this.

I assume it is recommended to use Acrobat rather than say a cheaper PDF editor 
, like Foxit?

Also, could someone explain what happens when Acrobat is co-installed, in terms 
of any effect on  the normal PDF creation within FM? Do I need to be aware of 
any issues?

Thanks in advance,


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