Correct. "Set window to page" would only apply to the current tab. But again, you could select all files in book and then select View>Zoom>Set window to page (or Alt+v,z,w).

Shmuel Wolfson
Technical Writer

On 25-Feb-15 12:48 PM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
At 10:14 +0000 25/2/15, Steve Rickaby wrote:

I guess what I was hoping for was that 'fit window to page' could somehow be 
set to be the default state of a document view. Maybe it cannot. As FrameMaker 
can now save workspaces, it would be nice if a saved workspace included view 
defaults, but maybe they don't quite fit the paradigm.
It gets worse! When two or more documents are open in a tabbed view, switching 
document tabs often seems to remove the 'set window to page' setting. This is 
really annoying, and with the workspace I've got set up, means that a bunch of 
pods on the right-hand side (I'm left-handed) are repeatedly overlaid by a 
large blank gray area, requiring 'set window to page' to be repeatedly 
re-selected again. Can this really be the intended behavior?

I'm running FrameMaker 12 under Win7 in Parallels, but that should not make any 
difference, although what happens when switching views sometimes seems to be 
affected by whether or not full-screen viewing is enabled. An app like 
FrameMaker shouldn't make more fingerwork for users.

I guess I'm just grumbling, so I'll stop, but it anyone has experience of 
taming document window behavior in when using FrameMaker in Parallels I'd be 
happy to hear about it.


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