Hi Pat,


I will be glad to look at this for you if you have a little time. I am free
for the next hour. Let me know if this is a good time and I will send you a
meeting link.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Subject: Problem with master pages and pagination settings


I have a template with a custom master page on the first page. Pagination is
set to Before Saving & Printing, Delete Empty Pages. The template is 1 page
with boilerplate content. Content in each document flows onto new pages.


Here's the problem: the new pages all use the custom first master page, not
master page Right. 


I've discovered that changing the Before Saving & Printing setting in the
template to Make Page Count Even in the template corrects this (new pages
use master page Right) but these documents aren't supposed to have empty


The 2 fixes I've developed are:

-          In the template,  set Before Saving & Printing to Make Page Count
Even. After content is final in a document, set it to Delete Empty Pages.


-          In the template,  add empty paragraphs to flow onto a second
page, then set Before Saving & Printing to Delete Empty Pages. In a
document, delete the empty paragraphs after inserting real content.


Any other suggestions?


Pat Christenson

Resource Coordinator

Fitzgerald Marketing and Communications




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