We secure our customer-facing PDFs. Users can Print or View only. We've learned 
the hard way with dealers/distributors who pull things out, make 
shorter/different versions or change things to suit their personal style. I 
know it's easy to crack a PDF password, but from a liability standpoint, if 
someone does this, it's a deliberate act on their part.

As we produce Medical Devices, it is imperative that no one tampers with 
content which has had to go through software reviews, clinical reviews, Risk 
Assessments, Regulatory approvals (FDA, Health Canada, etc) audits (again, FDA, 
Health Canada, etc).

A few internal people occasionally ask for extracts from the manuals for 
legitimate purposes, so I extract the specifics they need - but I never give 
them the password (too many in-house people keep copies and pass them around, 
so we've learned the hard way that only documentation personal can have the 


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We deliver user guides (software and hardware) to customers  via 
password-protected pdfs, loaded onto servers and also posted on our customer 
web portal.

I'm wondering how members of this group deliver customer-facing documents. Do 
you use pdfs? If so, do you secure those pdfs? If you secure them, how do you 
accommodate in-house colleagues who request unsecured pdfs so they can extract 
pages and images?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Joyce M. Johnson
Lead Technical Writer
Technology Group

1400 Busch Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

888.537.3102 ext 15875


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