On 6 Mar 2015 at 13:40, Steve Rickaby wrote:

> FrameMaker for Mac has now gone, as has QuickKeys for that matter, and I
> am now working with FrameMaker 12 in Parallels. This leaves me without
> some important but pretty simple automation, for example inserting
> '<CharStyleName><DefaultParaFormat>' and so on into index markers.

Things like this I have automated with a tool called AutoHotKey. You can even manipulate the paste buffer with this - and it is independent of FrameMaker.
For example, I have this short AHK-script to take the paste buffer, stript off first and last character and replace these. A shortcut CTRL+y is assigned to the script
(Since there are Unicode characters in it, edit it with a capable editor):

; Avoid multiple invocations - the message "an older instance already exists ..."
#SingleInstance ignore
; --- place FM temp citation -----------------------------------------
; CTRL+y  was choosen, because it has no (known) function in FM
;         it has, however a function in Word (Redo or Repeat action)
;         In EndNote no function is known, hence it provides the same
;         function as CTRL+v -- this will be the case in most other apps.
; use CTRL+v to re-paste the same item
;         (which must not be transformed again)
; --------------------------------------- example buffer contents -----------
^y::                                    ; {Пушкйн, 1989 #11}
  theText := Clipboard                  ; Retrieve the clipboard's Unicode text
  StringTrimLeft, theText, theText, 1   ; remove EndNote's braces
  StringTrimRight,theText, theText, 1
  theText := "[[" . theText . "]]"      ; sourround with double brackets
  Clipboard := theText                  ; redefine paste buffer
  Send, ^v                              ; [[Пушкйн, 1989 #11]]

An extreme example for use of AHK is my bridge between FrameMaker and EndNote 8 … Xy (compiled script, so the user does not need the AHK interpreter).

Klaus Daube

Docu + Design Daube; Schäracher 11; CH-8053 Zürich
Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper
F: +41-44-422 86 25  E: d...@daube.ch  W: www.daube.ch

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