For inserting plain text clips, you could use the free Clipboard Help & Spell. It's a clipboard utility with spell checking. You could mark the clips you want to save as Favorites and they will always be available. If you need more info, let me know.

Shmuel Wolfson
Technical Writer

On 06-Mar-15 3:40 PM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
Yves' e-mail about scripting has reminded me of something I need advice about.

Until quite recently I was using the ancient FrameMaker 7 for Mac. Over many 
years of working with it I had developed a series of custom toolbars and macros 
for cutting the workload of book production, using QuickKeys, a Mac macro 

FrameMaker for Mac has now gone, as has QuickKeys for that matter, and I am now working 
with FrameMaker 12 in Parallels. This leaves me without some important but pretty simple 
automation, for example inserting '<CharStyleName><DefaultParaFormat>' and so 
on into index markers.

Can anyone recommend a Windows text macro tool that could fill this gap?

Please note that I am not talking about automating FrameMaker with either of 
the (at least?) two powerful methods now available, I am only talking about 
simple text manipulation and user interface short-cuts. QuickKeys could cut, 
paste and inject text and invoke menu commands, which is all I'm after.

Any advice welcome.


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