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> …  I need a way to link from one PDF to another, when they are all served 
> from that customer server.
> Naturally I don't know the IP address of the server until after it's 
> installed.
> Can I create a PDF from FM12(unstr) with some sort of marker in place, and 
> then at installation time 
> our Services tech doing the installation can enter the IP address into a 
> script or other tool and 
> propagate that information into the existing markers?

> Or is there a better way?

Try using relative links in your source FM files, in combination with the "Base 
URL" setting in PDF files.

Your FrameMaker hypertext markers may include the "known" part of the link 
(=ending), such as:
    message URL intro.html
and then once the PDF is created, specify the "base URL" (=beginning)
(in Acrobat:, File > Properties, Advanced tab, Base URL). 
For example:

So that the resulting link in the PDF points to:



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