I have seen this behaviour before,
I usually blamed it either on an anti-virus scanner that was scanning each PNG 
as it was opened and/or some shenanigans on a network switch.

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 19:04:51 -0400
From: Stuart Rogers <srog...@phoenix-geophysics.com>
To: "'framers@lists.frameusers.com'" <framers@lists.frameusers.com>
Subject: extremely slow PNG loading
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Hi Framers,

FM 10 (TCS 3.5), Win 7 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, i7 CPU

I have a two-page file that imports by reference 24 different small PNG files, 
many of them repeated several times, for a total of 75 images.
The PNG files are each about 900 bytes in size, all located in a subfolder of 
the folder containing the file. When I open this document, FM takes about 5 
seconds to display each graphic (5-6 minutes to open the entire file). All 
files are on a local 180 GB SSD.

I have converted all the PNG files to TIF and reimported into a copy of the 
file. The entire document opens in about 3 seconds.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with PNG? That format has become my 
standard output for most purposes, but I'll have to change that if there isn't 
a fix in FM.


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