At 15:30 -0400 30/3/15, Rick Quatro wrote:

>3) Any ideas for automation that you have identified in your FrameMaker
>workflow. What are your production bottlenecks? These could range anywhere
>from a few repetitive actions that you find yourself doing consistently to
>major workflows. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Oddly, someone on another tech author group I'm on has just asked for more or 
less the same sort of input, but for Word, for an article. Here's my starter 
for 10 (Brit expression) in case it's helpful (assuming that books haven't gone 
out of fashion)...

Most of my workflow for technical books needed manual work and was not that 
susceptible to automation, but the time when I resorted most to simple 
automation was for indexing.

A simple example of a short script might be to create a marker from selected 
text using predefined character formats. For example, select 'John Doe' in body 
text by searching for two consecutive words that both had leading caps and have 
an index marker created containing

<Name>Doe, John<Default Para Format>

optionally with a controllable custom marker type if I was creating the main or 
a subsidiary dictionary.

I expect that ExtendScript could automate this in such a way the marker type 
was not overridden if the selected text already contained a marker, which was 
certainly an issue in FrameMaker 7, and could loop through an entire document 
or book. The method I used, with keystroke macros, required a second pass to 
change all the markers that were incorrectly set as hypertext or xref markers 
back to index (or custom) markers.

I will look forward to the webinar with interest.


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