OMG - no way . . .. that was sooooooooooooooo long ago in my aging mind, no 
wonder I didn't remember it.  OK, I also have David's solution, so I shall see 
which one I prefer.


Thanks all - I need a strong Margarita right about now.




Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC



From: Stuart Rogers [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 2:33 PM
To: Tammy Van Boening; 'framers'
Subject: Re: Table Continuation Variable issue


On 2015-Apr-01 3:36 PM, Tammy Van Boening wrote:

FM 10, all patched, Win7, x64. 

When I add the " Continued" variable to a table title, I expect that it should 
wrap the title text onto the next page because the variable makes the title too 
long  for one line. It won’t do that. It will just make one line of text and 
then cut anything off that would have gone to the next line, so the 
continuation variable isn't displayed. I have tried mucking around with the 
Right indent setting in the Paragraph Designer for the TableTitle tag, but 
although this solves the problem for the one nuisance table title, it 
artificially forces all the other table titles to wrap and become a two-line 
title, when one line will hold the entire tag, including the Continued 
variable, so these TableTitle tags look funky.

I am stymied.




Waaaayyyy back in 2008, someone with the intials TVB posted a solution to this 
problem to the same list :-)   Put a small right-indent in the pgf tag of the 
table title. (I just tried 0.01", and that was enough in my test document.)

The result is still an empty line under the title on the first page, but the 
variable wraps properly thereafter.

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