The issue is that FrameMaker figures out how to lay out table continuations 
based on the first page of the table. If the table title is only one line 
without the continuation variable, then each continuation page will have only 
one line's worth of table title. If that single line can contain the title plus 
the continuation variable, everything is OK. But if the continuation variable 
needs to wrap to a second line, it will become invisible because Frame "knows" 
from the first page of the table that the title is only one line. Nothing 
mysterious at work here.

BTW, if you were to use the old-fashioned "Sheet x of y" indication of table 
continuation, you wouldn't have this problem because the table title on each 
page would be essentially the same length (at least for the first 9 pages while 
x is a single digit) and would wrap (or not) the same way as the first page. 

Just be glad that FrameMaker is able to repeat table tiles on continuation 
pages in the first place. You could be working with Word where the title 
appears once and only once because it's not really part of the table and has no 
way of knowing that the table spans pages. 

-Fred Ridder 

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> Subject: RE: Table Continuation Variable issue
> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 14:02:45 -0600
> Hi Alan,
> So, I entered by text for the TableTitle tag, pressed Shift/Enter in the
> first instance of the title, and then inserted the Table Continuation tag.
> It wraps the title, yes, but in the first instance, it wraps it and
> therefore, although the Continuation variable doesn't display, there is an
> extra line now between the table title and the table. As you scroll through
> the table, then the continued variable is displayed by itself in the second
> line. So, I just moved the location of the soft return to before the last
> word in the title, and OK, it looks a bit funky in the first occurrence, but
> it's doable.
> I appreciate the prompt replies from you and David, but what on earth is
> preventing this from wrapping as expected anyway?
> Thanks!
> Tammy Van Boening
> Owner/Principal
> Spectrum Writing, LLC
> TammyVB  *AT*  spectrumwritingllc  *DOT*  com
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> Subject: Re: Table Continuation Variable issue
> Long time since I had that one.
> IIRC I inserted a discretionary/soft return into the first instance of the
> title. When it gets to the repeated title it should break at that point.
> Since writing, David provided the same idea with \n.
> Alan
> On 2/04/15 8:36 am, Tammy Van Boening wrote:
> > FM 10, all patched, Win7, x64.
> >
> > When I addthe "Continued" variableto a table title, I expect thatit 
> > should wrap the title text ontothe next page because thevariable 
> > makesthe titletoo longfor one line. It won't do that. It will just 
> > make one line of text and then cut anything off that would have gone 
> > to the nextline, so the continuation variable isn't displayed. I have 
> > tried mucking around with the Right indent setting in the Paragraph 
> > Designer for the TableTitle tag, but although this solves the problem 
> > for the one nuisance table title, it artificially forces all the other 
> > table titles to wrap and become a two-line title, when one line will 
> > hold the entire tag, including the Continued variable, so these TableTitle
> tags look funky.
> >
> > I am stymied. for more resources and info.

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