Hi Dan,


Actually, FrameMaker has nothing to do with the conversion of URLs to links;
it is done by Acrobat. It can be disabled in Acrobat's Preferences dialog
box under the General pane (uncheck Create links from URLs). The best
approach is to add Hypertext markers and character formatting to the URLs in
FrameMaker. This gives you control over what becomes a link, etc.


If you are interested in automating this, please contact me offlist. It can
be done with either ExtendScript (FrameMaker 10 and above) or FrameScript.
If you can provide a decent sample document, I may be able to do this as
part of my upcoming FrameMaker ExtendScript webinar. Thanks.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Version: FrameMaker 12, Unstructured.


When generating PDFs, Frame automatically converts (SOME!) URLs to
hyperlinks, which is great, but it's not an exact science, and I'd like to
be able to fine tune some things globally rather than manually inserting and
editing a zillion hypertext links:


1.       Frame recognizes www.xxxxxxxx (without an http:// prefix) as a URL
and converts it to a link. Fine. Spiffy. How do I get it to automatically
recognize non-www domains, e.g. bit.ly, tinyurl.com, etc.? Where is this
automatic conversion controlled?

2.       Our formatting is such that we put urls in brackets, e.g.,
[www.fubar.com]. Problem: Frame automatically appends the closing bracket to
the URL when creating the link, which of course breaks the link. Only the
opening bracket, not the opening bracket. Adding a space, e.g., [
www.fubar.com ] does not fix the problem.

3.       If I wanted to disable automatic link conversion in creation of the
PDF (yet maintain conversion of manually created hypertext markers), where
and how would I do this?





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