It could be that you have not added wherever the fonts are stored to the
FrameMaker Font path.
IIRC, in 7.2 there was an option under File>Preferences that allowed you to
specify the path(s) that FM would look for the font files.
You can also edit the maker.ini file directly to add the path.

> On April 13, 2015 at 2:25 AM Davide Piva <> wrote:
>  Hello Framers.
>  I'm having problems with FM 7.2 on WXP Pro and Zapf Dingbats font.
>  I'm building a serie of bulleted lists and I want to use the arrow and other
> symbols. After I paste the character in the Autonumber format field and update
> the paragraph format, a different Zapf symbol appears in place of the one I
> choosen.
>  I tried to paste the same character into a LibreOffice Writer new document
> and the symbol doesn't appear at all (a Ü character appears instead).
>  The Zap Dingbats font installed is an OTF and I previously had a PFM version
> of it, experiencing the same issue.
>  Does anyone have an idea to solve the problem? W7 Pro is installed over an
> Oracle Virtual Box virtual machine running on W7 Pro; I don't guess this is a
> problem.
>  Thanks in advance for your help.
>  Davide Piva

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