I'm sorry, but at a certain level this question is either too general (would 
require a collection of books to answer) or nonsensical (no context to base the 
comparison on).  

I think the first question should be, what are you trying to achieve?  If all 
you want is an in-house process for a manageable set of docs that don't need to 
take advantage of re-use and other DITA power-tools, then the answer is easy.  
Flare is easier to use than DITA.  But that answer is so very dependent on 
context that it's really meaningless.  Flare is easier if...  (add a long list 
of conditions here).  DITA is more appropriate when... (add another long list 
of conditions here).  

So until you can express the goals, it doesn't make sense to me to compare a 
washing machine with a lawn mower.

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