There are a number of people on this list (I believe) who have dealt with issues using FM12 on retina MacBook Pro laptops. I know it's not exactly the same thing, but it's well beyond the "compatible" resolution for FM. You might search the archives for "retina" or perhaps those people will chime in with their experiences.

Good luck!

On 4/15/15 2:26 AM, Austin Meredith wrote:
Because of fading eyesight due to old age, I have been thinking about upgrading my hardware and software. I'd like to purchase a new iMac loaded with the Windows operating system, because of Apple's amazing brilliant precise 5K Retina monitor on which print appears so crisp, and then run FrameMaker 12 under Windows on that iMac. However, when I contacted Adobe about whether it was possible to run FrameMaker 12 at full screen resolution on the 5K Retina monitor, they responded that -- despite the fact that the 5K Retina monitor has been being sold for some time now, they have yet to test this! Apparently Adobe's attitude is that I would need to first pig-in-a-poke purchase the latest Apple hardware, and download and install their latest Adobe software, and then test for native screen resolution *myself*. --If it should turn out that FM12 won't run on the 5K Retina screen I had just purchased at full resolution, then I'm SOL, and shame on my eyes for getting old. Question #1: Has anyone on this list succeeded in running FM12 at full screen resolution on a 5K Retina monitor? Or, has it been necessary to degrade the resolution of the screen in order to run FM12? Question #2: If it has been necessary to degrade the resolution of this monitor in order to run FM12, how does FM12 look on this monitor? --Is it superior in quality of image, crispness of print, etc., or is it inferior? Question #3: Should I instead purchase some other brand of monitor for the visually disabled, such as the latest hi-res big-screen monitor offered by Dell? (This was Adobe's response: "The Compatible screen resolution is 1024x768 screen resolution (1280x800 recommended) mentioned under 5K Retina screen has not yet been tested with FrameMaker 12. We had tested 4K with FrameMaker 12 and were experiencing issues with the display and eventually had to adjust the display resolution. However, If you want you can install the trial version for FrameMaker 12 and check if it works fine with your display or not.")


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