At 09:19 +0000 17/4/15, Denis Daly wrote:

>Would anyone have a good example of an effective template of a user guide for 
>an accessory, please?

Without meaning to be critical, Denis, your question isn't really answerable as 
it stands. What sort of accessory, and for what? Is there anything on the thing 
for which the accessory is an accessory for? Do you need to match that?

Looking at your company's website, it seems that you are involved in ordnance 
detection and disposal. That's a pretty specialized and technical field and 
would, I imagine, involve many legal requirements for hazmat warnings and so 
forth. Doesn't your company have an already-defined set of documentation 
guidelines, look-and-feel and/or templates?

If you can provide more details, maybe someone on this list can give you some 
leads. Aside from that, unstructured FrameMaker template construction isn't 
hard, but if you want to start with something that will stand the test of time 
you might consider involving a document designer. It's a big field, which 
starts with the document end-users' requirements, delivery media and so on.


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