Hi John,

I use two plugins/FrameScript packages very often:

i-frame is a collection of scripts for FrameScript. The modules
encompass scripts for everything! I like these scripts best:
Scale Graphics - for me invaluable!
FM2MIF2FM - Convert to/from MIF
There are many more to get reports and to maintain formats.
I can only recommend to have a look at the web-site.

Import formats special
This plugin adds some more options to the Import Formats dialog.
Specifically: User variables
This is a plugin which I need very often.
It's from Rick Quatro, but I couldn't find it on his homepage.

Best regards


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> Thanks, John, but this is a one-shot deal.
> First, I'd never get a scripting product in here. The applications have to
> have specific functions they can test before installing.
> Second, if I was to use someone like Rick, it would be a 4 month process
> for each one I tried to get.
> I cannot install anything. It has to be done by the right department.
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> Date: 04/23/2015 01:56 PM
> Subject:      Re: What FM plugin suite give the most bang?
> I'd look into FrameScript. There are many useful free scripts available,
> and you can write your own or contract someone to write them for you.  I
> highly recommend Rick Quatro, whose wizardry has dramatically expanded
> what
> I can do with unstructured FrameMaker 12.
> Two examples of easy, effective cleanup:
> * ArchiveFM.fso does pretty much what the late Bruce Foster's Archive
> plugin did - it takes all the files, images, and text insets in a book,
> even those referenced from distant folders, and puts them in a ZIP archive.
> In seconds you can blow away all those extra images that aren't used in a
> book.
> * TidyImport.fso enable you to clean up a doc with too many extra para and
> character tags by doing a CleanImport from a known good clean template or
> chapter. Not just those, but Para, Char, Table, Variable, x-ref,
> conditions, color defs, math defs, doc properties, object styles, reference
> pages and page layouts.
> FrameScript is $179 for a single license. See https://framescript.com/
> On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 1:35 PM, <john.x.pos...@us.hsbc.com> wrote:
>   Hi, guys...I'm using FM11 unstructured and I maintain quite a large
>   document set...10 books of 2,000 pages each give or take.
>   Because of the amount of time I spend on housekeeping, I'm ready to take
>   a
>   stab at adding plugins that will save me time. In addition, I may be
>   bringing in a team of 3-4 writers and I want the files to be as clean as
>   possible. When you evolve to 20,000 pages of document from an initial 195
>   pages in 2 years, ya get careless at times.
>   Now...I'm in a very locked down environment, so I know I'm in for a
>   battle...this very well can be a 3-6 month project and I may loose.
>   Money is no object. I was able to easily justify a $500 application just
>   to
>   check broken links (3 bullet points in an email) , but it took 4 months
>   to
>   work through the process from "request to license".
>   So...if I was to try to put together a shopping list together with as
>   many
>   plugin components in as few different products as possible, what should
>   that be?
>   Thanks
>   John X Posada
>   AML Syst & Ops Supt Data Analyst | US FCC & RC Systems Control &
>   Analytics
>   | HSBC North America Holdings Inc
>   330 Madison Ave., NY NY
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