Hi, all.

I did a bit of looking and am not sure I see an answer for a concern that I 

In one of my books that I created and have edited over the years, it is 
possible that some of the paragraph and character format definitions (and 
possibly the color definitions, and reference pages too) are no longer 
consistent in every file of that book.

Meaning that I am not sure if paragraph format “XYZ” in one of the files is 
necessarily identical to the same format “XYZ” in another one of the files. 
Probably close, but not sure if they are identical. It is also possible that 
some file may have had a format added/removed/edited because it is only used 
within that file only (like a content list format or something).

Is there a way to compare/list/report (whatever) all the formats in the files 
to see where the inconsistencies are? At least, so that I can take one of the 
file and apply its formats to all the other files and not break things too much?


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