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Subject: Frame 11 license becomes trial license

My Frame 11 license has stopped working.  This hasn't happened to any of my 
colleagues.  One day, I was using ePub and Frame to generate .chm output.  The 
next morning, when I tried to do the same, Frame popped up a screen telling me 
to request a trial license.  This caused an ePub error because it couldn't 
start Frame.  When I tried starting Frame independently, I got the same thing.  
I had an immediate deadline to deal with, so I set up a trial licence of Frame, 
hoping that ePub could use it.  It couldn't.

For various reasons, I don't have the information I need to access Adobe 
support.  I'm hoping I can do that on Monday.  But, in the mean time, has 
anyone had this experience?  Any idea why it's happening?  Any way to keep it 
from happening?

Thanks, Michael

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