At the moment we are using FrameMaker 7.2 and ePublisher Pro version 9.2 to  
create PDF files, and a collections of help files which are mostly html,  with 
2 or 3 .chm files

The applications mostly run on Internet Explorer (and the .chm files are for 
the 2 that are not over IE).

I would like to upgrade our applications as they do not really run on my 
current operating system and because I want to also produce more modern output.

I need to make PDF, ePub, Responsive html and .chm.

What do you all recommend?
Is FrameMaker 12 enough to use stand alone?

Do I need ePublisher Pro or RoboHelp?

How would I go about importing my Frame 7.2 files into Frame 12.
Does it support them or would I need to save as MIF and then open the MIF files.
I have quite a lot of user guides.

 To what extent will FrameMaker let me change the design?

What is the learning curve from 7.2 to 12?



Caroline Tabach
Technical/Marcom Writer
e-mail: carol...@radcom.com

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