I am working on a project to document a new machine that has a Windows 8.x 
based user interface. All touch screen, swipe left-right...

Our current manuals have a pretty restrictive template in portrait 
orientation; however, considering that the layout of all of the screens is 
very horizontal, I'm thinking that a manual in landscape format (probably 
spiral bound on the left when printed) might be a good way to present 
instructions that would include lots of graphics and probably embedded 
video (which I've done quite successfully in FM12).

Any ideas where I might find some good examples of user manuals done in 
landscape, as well as supporting templates?

Tom Beiswenger
Manager, Technical & Training Documentation, Project Manager - Inspection 
Emhart Glass Mfg. Inc.
1140 Sullivan St.
Elmira, NY 14901
PH: +607 735-4279
FX: +607 734-8278
Mobile: +607 769-4779
Email: tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com

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