1. You will have to define the chapter number first.

a) Navigate to the Numbering Properties dialog box (Format > Document > 
b) Click on the Chapter tab.
c) Next to the Chapter #, enter the chapter number.
d) From the Format dropdown, select Numeric (14)
e) Click the Set button.

2. If you want a chapter number to be included as a part of each page number, 
you can insert the <$chapnum> variable in front of the page number from the 
Master page. So it will look like this: <$chapnum>-#. I'm going to assume that 
you know how to set up page numbers (using variables) from the Master page.

Note: be sure to put the variables (<$chapnum>-#) on each of your Master pages.



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Subject: Setting up page numbers that restart with chapter number

Today I attempted the exercise to set up a variable for page numbering that 
restarts with each chapter number (1-1, 1-2, 1-3...2-1, 2-2, 2-3, etc.).
I checked pages 355 and 356 in Matt Sullivan's book, Unstructured FrameMaker 
11. On p. 355 after step 7 it says to see those sections for details. Where are 
those sections?? I checked the index and couldn't find it. Arrrrgghh!!

I also ran through David Rivers' tutorial on Lynda.com, but he only provided 
the basics for setting up master pages with page number (p. 1, 2, 3, etc.). I 
haven't tried Google help yet, and not sure how to find this topic in the 
forum. My company does not want to pay for me to take a 3-day Framemaker class, 
and so I am on my own to learn this tool and figure everything out.

Can any of you point me to:

Framemaker training that doesn't cost more than $600 that can teach me both a 
thorough run of the basics and more advanced tasks like this?

Web tutorials that address this topic?

A simple, clear set of instructions on how to set up page numbering that 
restarts with each chapter number without corrupting the document?

I'll take any advice you can spare-thanks so much!! :)


Linda Garneau
Technical Publications Manager

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