This is a vexing type of problem. It may be a non-obvious corrupt graphic or other object. I recommend "divide and conquer", either in FrameMaker 12 or in Acrobat.

- Split the file in half.
- Identify the half-file that produces the error.
- Split the error-prone half-file again.
- Repeat until you've identified the page/object that is causing the error.

As David Spreadbury suggests, if the printer can tell you the page that invokes the failure, start looking there.


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On 5/21/15 9:21 AM, Alan Salo (Ariens Plant 1) wrote:

Hello all,

I have a problem that is perplexing me. There are two PDF files that our printer cannot compose to get them on the press. They say that the files are unsupported file type or damaged.

As background we send numerous files to them weekly, all using the same process with no issues. It’s just these two. I get no error messages or anything unusual when I update the books.

They are English/French and Spanish versions of the same manual, so share the same graphics. One is 58 pages and the other 32; not huge files. There are five conditions in the books. All but two are turned off.

All graphics are referenced; tif and eps. I’ve gone through the manuals and opened and resaved every graphic but that did not help.

We create in FM12, generate a postscript file and then distill that to a pdf using Acrobat distiller.

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated!



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