G'day all -
a new monitor is scheduled to materialize on my desk in the near future, and I have the choice of everything up to 32in UHD (3840 ppi). At standard resolution, I suspect the Frame icons to be minuscule on such a monitor. From what I hear, the scaling options built into Windows 8.1 make a difference, but Frame up to v. 12 won't play along and scale at all, I think. Perhaps I'll be better off with a 27" (2560ppi) monitor? As an aside, my investment in CS end with version 6, and I don't intend to use the CC mechanism, so I won't get the GUI adaptations that will no doubt be built into the CC versions in due course. Anyone on the list sitting in front of a Frame-UHD-Win 8.1 monitor who could share impressions?


Michael Heine
School of Kinesiology
Western University
London Canada

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