Hi Yves,


I have my FindChangeFormatsBatch FrameScript script that has been out for 
awhile. Below is from the heading of the script. The cost is $80 and it 
requires FrameScript. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 
Thank you very much.




This script changes cross-references, paragraphs, tables, user
variables, characters, etc. from one format to another.
You can optionally delete the old format from the document's catalog.

The script requires a batch file containing four columns.
Column 1 lists the type of format to find: 
  X for cross-reference
  P for paragraph
  T for table
  V for variable
  C for character format
  CO for condition format
  MP for master page
  M for marker type
  CL for color
  RF for ruling format

Column 2 lists the format to find, column 3 lists the format to change to,
and column 4 contains a Y if you want to delete the old format from the
document's catalog. If the format in column 3 does not exist in the document,
the find format will be renamed to the change format.

The enclosed FindChangeFormatBatch.fm can be used as a batch file.

To simply delete a format from the catalog, put its format type in column
one, its name in column 2, and a Y in column 4. Leave column 3 blank.

Format names are case-sensitive.

The script can be run on a single document, book, or folder (and subfolders).
The results of the script are recorded in a log which is saved in the same
folder as the book, document, or folder. It will have the same name as the 
book or document, but with a .log extension. If you run it on a folder,
the log will be in that folder and be called FindChangeFormatsBatch.log.


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Hi group

I'm looking for a FrameMaker plugin or script to "remap" FrameMaker formats: 
character formats, paragraph formats, table formats, cross-reference formats...

I have used TemplateMapper in 2003, but I was wondering whether something more 
recent is available somewhere, for example a (Frame)script which works as 
follows would be nice:

1. List all the used formats in column A in a separate "mapping table", for 
example an Excel file.

2. In column B, the user fills in the name of the formats to which the old 
formats should be renamed.

3. The user saves the "mapping file" and then "applies" this Excel file to one 
or more FrameMaker books.

Any ideas?




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