On 2015-May-26 10:41 AM, Yves Barbion wrote:
Hi group

I'm looking for a FrameMaker plugin or script to "remap" FrameMaker formats: character formats, paragraph formats, table formats, cross-reference formats...

I have used TemplateMapper in 2003, but I was wondering whether something more recent is available somewhere, for example a (Frame)script which works as follows would be nice: 1. List all the used formats in column A in a separate "mapping table", for example an Excel file. 2. In column B, the user fills in the name of the formats to which the old formats should be renamed. 3. The user saves the "mapping file" and then "applies" this Excel file to one or more FrameMaker books.

Paragraph Tools and similar from http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com/

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