There have been several responses to my original post.  Here is my take-away


As I stated in the original post, Save-As PDF works perfectly for me as long
as all pages are same size.  Books with dozens of bookmarks and thousands of
links come out just fine.  BTW, I am using MicroType TimeSavers to manage
special bookmarks.


Like David Artman, who responded that he would never use Save-As PDF, I too
avoided it entirely until very recently when Shlomo Perets encouraged me to
use it in response to another post.  My prior reluctance went back to Dov
Isaacs' posts several FM releases ago when, as an Adobe respondent, he said
that the Save-As function had significant issues.  I tested the suggestion
from Craig Ede (put a tabloid page first) with the result that all pages in
the PDF were tabloid.  Fred Ridder suggested making changes in the print
window via a possible selection that detected page size automatically.  This
is, in fact, the result I get by default if I do a print to .ps, i.e., the
PDF virtual printer or Distiller DOES detect page size automatically.  That
is the process I've been using from the beginning.  I don't know how to make
this happen with the Save-As method, which is why I posted today.


Only a few of the 30-some print books I use to publish an 8,000 page
document have tabloid pages.  Barring some further response that provides a
workable methodology, I will continue to publish those books that have
mixed-size pages in the traditional print to .ps + Distiller as I had been
doing exclusively until quite recently.


Why continue to use the Save-As method?  Why not just keep the process I've
always had?  Well, for one thing, when I have to produce the entire document
(over 30 books), it is much faster and simpler to use the Save-As PDF.


As always, thanks to those who have responded.  If I discover a solution to
the original issue, I will post an update.




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Sent: Monday, June 08, 2015 10:36 AM
Subject: Book Save-As PDF w/ multiple page sizes


Unable to find answer in FM docs.  How does one configure FM to do Save-As
PDF with the correct output page sizes (e.g., book with mixed letter/tabloid
pages) in PDF?  This is not a problem if a book print setup is set to
tabloid and printed to .ps then distilled; the output reflects the original
page sizes.  With Save-As, if the page size is set to tabloid, all the pages
in the output will be tabloid.  I can get only one size or the other.


FM12 (unstructured)/Acrobat IX Adobe PDF Converter/W7


Thanks for your help!



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