Wim,Just a WAG but does your structure allow a fig element 'with a title 
element' within an info element?Your second fig element doesn't have a title 
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------ Original message------From: Wim Hooghwinkel - idtpDate: Wed, Jun 10, 
2015 10:18 AMTo: Framers;Subject:Mif2go issue: invalid markup
Hi,do we still have some mif2go gurus out there?My mif2go conversion (FM11 to 
dita) creates invalid markup in some cases. Any help in solving this 
appreciated …My procedure has an image in a step. I expect it to be converted 
as:stepcmd.../cmdinfofigtitle ../titleimage//fig/info/stepbut in stead it comes 
out as:stepcmd ../cmdfigtitle…/titleinfoimage //fig/info/stepAs you can see, 
the info element starts inside the fig, but ends outside the fig element.Any 
idea…? Also, any suggestion for a smart script or SXLT that can solve this (in 
hundreds of topics …) appreciated.Thanks….Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards, 
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