Hi Kate, 

as Thai does not have spaces between words, you will absolutely need a
native speaker to break lines manually and to split up the text in the
correct way. Given this, is seems obvious that it is not advisable to
use the "justified" setting. 

Until now, there was no feature in FrameMaker -- built-in or accessible
to users -- to deal with this automatically (I would be surprised if
Indesign could do it...). 
I do not think this has changed in FM 2015. Have you worked with Thai

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Kate Williams: 

> Hi Rick, 
> I did check this and there is no Thai option in the language setting in the 
> paragraph format, unlike Arabic and Hebrew which are new additions. The only 
> viable option is None, which does nothing. 
> Kate 
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> Hi Kate, 
> Check the Language of the paragraph format. 
> Rick 
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> SUBJECT: FrameMaker 2015 Thai formatting 
> Hi, 
> I'm doing some Thai testing in FrameMaker 2015 and while there are no issues 
> with the text displaying correctly, I'm having trouble with the formatting. 
> The paragraph style is fully justified and where in InDesign, the Thai would 
> follow on until the edge of the frame and then flow on to the next line, in 
> FrameMaker the text is breaking after almost every sentence. If it is a long 
> sentence then it will start on the next line completely, even if there are 
> only one or two characters on the previous line. This is leaving massive gaps 
> in the paragraphs. Any suggestions as to how to stop this from happening so 
> that the text flows normally? 
> Many thanks, 
> Kate 
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