Same here.

I think SnagIt is an excellent tool and well worth the money.

If the image/drawing I want to capture is large (or vectorized), I try to 
maximise it as much as reasonable (native, without jaggies) on the 1920x1200 
screen I use before the screen capture.

This makes the PNG capture occur at a good high resolution – i.e., the source 
quality is better – so that letting FrameMaker downsize it to fit still makes 
it look good.


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I use SnagIt to capture all my images as PNGs, then I import by reference at 
160dpi and they look great.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 5:10 PM, Tim Pann 
<<>> wrote:
I'm using Frame 9 on Windows 7. And my apologies if this has been covered and 

Can anyone point me toward a good resource (or just tell me if it's quick) for 
understanding how to get nice sharp images imported by reference in FrameMaker? 
I'm working on a doc right now in which I'm mostly importing PSD files. They're 
all screen captures of a user interface. I have to resize most of them and 
they're looking pretty choppy. I switched to a TIF image for one and that 
didn't help.

I know that TIFF is the preferred format (not sure about PSD but many of my PSD 
imports look nice) but I don't know if there are specific guidelines or 
recommendations about resolution, resizing once imported, etc.

I'm happy to provide more information about what I'm doing if needed. No idea 
what's relevant and what's not.

Thank you,

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