Hello Bertrand, 

did you check to work with the "Compatibility mode" setting? This is set
for the "exe"-file(s) of older applications and sometimes it may help --
you would choose the "Window XP" mode here. 

Another problem is, that older applications often require admin-rights
for certain folders like the application folder.
Maybe you can check if starting FrameMaker 7 with admin-rights may help.

I think that even FM 7.2 should run on a Win 8 system... 

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

Bertrand Meyer: 

> This is a newbie question; on the technical side I am not a FrameMaker 
> newbie, having used it for several decades, but I am not familiar with recent 
> versions since I have stuck to old ones which do what I need, on Solaris and 
> Windows. With recent releases of Windows, however, FrameMaker 7.2, which I 
> still use, crashes increasingly often (for example just using the mouse to 
> select text that includes a table invariably causes a crash). That's not 
> sustainable so I need to upgrade. For the most recent version all I saw on 
> Adobe's page is a software-for-rent solution, which is not acceptable. Could 
> someone please recommend a version that is the most recent possible, is 
> available for purchase, works reliably on recent versions of Windows (Windows 
> 8.1, soon Windows 10), will take older *.fm files, generate MIF, and retain 
> the traditional FrameMaker advantages? 
> Thanks in advance, 
> -- Bertrand Meyer

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