Opening from different locations with different results seems to point to a 
problem with unavailable or corrupt paths.

Can you deactivate the graphics in FM (View > Options > Graphics) and then try 
to open the document ?

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The weird thing? If I open the SAME FILE from my local hard drive in FM12, it's 
happy as a clam.The only time it crashes is if I open it from the server, and 
it's not that big a file (40 pages).

I've deleted the problem graphic (an SVG generated by Visio 2013) and recreated 
a new SVG from Visio. Importing it and resaving as FM12 seems to have fixed the 

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Stuart Rogers 
<srog...@phoenix-geophysics.com<mailto:srog...@phoenix-geophysics.com>> wrote:
Try saving as .mif v.12 before reopening/saving as .fm v. 12?

On 2015-Jun-19 10:16 AM, Lin Sims wrote:
This file opens fine in Frame 10. It opens fine in Frame 12 IF it is a MIF 
file. As soon as I save the file from MIF10 to FM in Frame12, close it and 
reopen it, the program crashes again.
I am, of course, on multiple deadlines, and yes, I do need this file to work in 

Lin Sims


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