Always use a non-production machine to download Trial versions ;>)

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Sent: June-22-15 11:50 AM
To: Craig Ede; framers
Subject: Re: FM12 questions

Thanks Craig,

The Extendscript version is the one we downloaded and use here because there 
was no other alternative available.

So the "Packager" feature creates a zip file. OK. But then is that just a 
simple gathering of the relevant FM book, chapter and image files or can one 
open the book and its member chapter in that zip file and generate a pdf file 
with all external and internal x-refs intact (just like you could with Bruce 
Foster's archive plug-in for FM 8)?

That last part is REALLY important to us here.

After seeing all the online snafus experienced by others who downloaded trial 
versions of Adobe software only to see it wipe out the previous version, I'm 
afraid to go that route.

-- Ken in Atlanta

On Monday, June 22, 2015 11:37 AM, Craig Ede 
<<>> wrote:

There is an Archiver Extendscript that came out after the release of FM10 but 
that had problems.

FM 2015 (aka FM 13) has a Packaging feature that puts all book content into a 
single zip file. I haven't tried it, but I was going to recommend it to a 
former employer who had book referencing graphics in a willy-nilly fashion. 
This would really help him get things into single folders.

According to that PDF, FM 12 has the Packager, too. Upgrade price to FM 2015 is 
as cited at the end of the PDF reference in the link above.

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 15:23:11 +0000
Subject: FM12 questions
Questions for all you FrameMaker 12 users out there.

1. Is it true that Adobe has officially built (incorporated) into FM 12 a 
stable, accurate book archiving feature (so well-done by the late Bruce Foster 
through FM 8)?
2. If so, how well does it function? We at my company use FM 11 along with the 
third-party book archiving script for FM9 and later made available after Mr. 
Foster's passing, and have consistent problems with how this script creates two 
copies of each FM chapter file (one in the main folder and another in the book 
Insets folder) with almost all external (chapter-to-chapter) x-refs broken so 
that pdf files generated from books archived using this script also have broken 
external x-refs.
3. What is the upgrade price for we who use FM 11?

Thanks in advance,

-- Ken in Atlanta

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