First, thanks to _all_ for your great advice on the archiving / book packaging 
feature in FrameMaker. I know now full-well that there's NO chance that we'll 
upgrade to FM12 or FM2015. There IS the possibility of Squidds Finaliser, but 
even the links to English-language screens for it come up as only in German. 
For instance changes to TechComm | SQUIDDS and German 
language stuff. Help, someone?
Second (and totally unrelated), is it possible to directly import MS Publisher 
files into FrameMaker docs? Or must you first convert the PUB files into HTML 
(or MS Word or something else) and then do a file import? Does anyone here have 
some background in this?
Finally, it has been my long-time understanding from informal conversations 
with other tech writers over the past 30 years that MS Publisher is used by 
very, very few companies today, and that FM is by far King of the Hill, with 
others (such as Quark Express and the ubiquitous MS Word) filling in the middle 
area. Is there a pie-chart website that might help me out with this?
Thanks all . . .
-- Ken in Atlanta

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