It's so clever it must be true. Those people at Adobe and their dastardly evil 
scheming minds. Next thing you know, they'll announce that they are splitting 
the product in two parts and selling one to Arbortext for structure and the 
other to Microsoft as a replacement for Word.


Mike, you are a genius to see through this shallow attempt at making a product 
viable. We all know (me especially) that Adobe has been planning to end this 
product since the moment they bought it. At release 5. In the mid 90's. They 
must just be taking their time, waiting until we don't suspect and then they 
will pounce. I'll bet the official announcement comes out in early, early April.


To see how crafty they are, check out the home page.


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I just received a message that Adobe FrameMaker is now a sponsor of Techwr-l. 
Surely the only reason they would do this as a part of a massive campaign to 
announce its end or life. : )

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