FrameMaker publishing adaptor for DITA Open Toolkit

I just got back from the Gilbane Conference on Content Management 
Technologies (what a great and well-attended event!) and wanted to 
share this DITA-FrameMaker announcement that landed in my inbox while I 
was away. For those of you contemplating a move to the Darwin 
Information Typing Architecture, Mekon (a UK-based consultancy) has 
created a publishing adaptor for the DITA Open Toolkit.

You can learn more about it here:

For those Framers who attended the Gilbane event, as well as those who 
met up at the Content Management Professionals Summit the day prior, 
don't forget to share your success stories and lessons learned with the 
members of this and other Frame lists. As we discovered at the 
conferences, we all benefit when we share our knowledge with others.

Happy holidays!

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