Hi, guys...yesterday, I went searching for an application that would
assist me in keeping track of the hours that I'm working. Lately,
I've been able to work at home, on the bus, in the office, wherever I
want to, thanks to the aquisition of a new laptop, wireless home
network, VPN, and the agreement by my boss that I can pretty much
work wherever, whenever, and however I want, for a few or as may
hours that I want. Geat arrangement, but plays hell on trying to keep
an accurate track of hours. 

So, I found a very simple PDA application where each time I start
work session, I click a button, when I stop, I click a button...just
like a time clock. I can do this as often during the day that I want.
At the end of the week, it gives me a report with a daily log and a
total number of hours. It's not fancy, though it has sone cool
configuration features.

It's called Timecard 3.0, I found it at Palmgear
(http://www.palmgear.com) and it's only $5.

Disclaimer...I have no stake in it..it just answers a problem that I
have and it may be what someone on the list is looking for.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"The word "genius" isn't applicable 
in football. A genius is a guy like 
Norman Einstein." -
  --Joe Theisman, NFL football 
    quarterback & sports analyst.

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