On 5 Dec 2005, at 19:03, Joe Malin wrote:

> They would be bigger than JPG.
> Are you suggesting that GIF or JPG are *not* used by publishing
> professionals?

No, I'm just saying that pro print publishers generally prefer EPS and 
TIFF because of their heritage and foolproof output on PostScript 
output devices. EPS files being nuggets of PostScript (format developed 
by Adobe, Aldus, and Altsys); LZW decompression for TIFF files (format 
developed by Aldus and, surprisingly, Microsoft) was wired into 
PostScript Level 2 and later versions.

Obviously, other formats work, too, but I don't like last-minute 
surprises, and try to avoid miles of film going in the trash because a 
naughty file tripped up our PostScript imagesetter. I learned the hard 
way 15 years ago with some home-brewed PostScript graphics...

This may not be so relevant if you output to PDF, but since Distiller 
is essentially a soft PostScript RIP, I always feed it EPS and TIFF 
instead of lossy formats.

Old habits die hard, I guess. And, no. I don't use TrueType fonts ;-)


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